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Sensa Emilia Review

At a glance, it looks like it has been made from carbon fiber. That is just how good the build quality of the Sensa Emilia is. It is actually made of aluminum, hydro formed and its frame has been welded so seamlessly that can easily be mistaken for a carbon composite. Sensa has been around for a quarter century now having set up shop in Holland.

As mentioned earlier the frame of the Emilia is aluminum alloy. It is double butted and hydro formed and is a thing of exquisite beauty. The overall design is purely in the interests of generating speed, lots and lots of it. The geometry is highly refined and classic in looks and helps deliver good all-round performance on races as well as road riding. It will nicely serve the interests of its riders ranging from keeping fit to grand touring to endurance runs to flat out races.

The aluminum construction also means the Emilia is very light, tipping the scales at just nine 9.5 kilograms, thanks in no small part to those exquisite welds. The lightweight construction very strong and allows the bike to maintain sharp and efficient handling characteristics, something you will want when doing any of the activities it was designed for. It sells anywhere between 700 and a 1000 pounds and that is very good value for what it is capable of. If you happen to be a cyclist who is serious on all-round performance this one is a very strong competitor.

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  • Lightweight construction
  • Versatile performance
  • High build quality

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  • Not everyone’s favorite look


The Verdict

The Sensa Emilia is a well built all-rounder that delivers the best possible performance out of its components. It is not going disappoint many.