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SE Tripel Review

Yes, they named it after the most potent triple malted beer… ever, because why not. Much like its beverage counterpart, the Tripel is designed to show off styling and expert craftsmanship in the urban setting. Inevitably however, living in the city often means incurring a few climbs and descents in your daily commute so it comes equipped with a Nexus Shimano 3-speed Revo Shift internal free wheel hub to make life a lot easier should you encounter the kind of terrain you get in San Francisco.

The Tripel weighs a decent 12.7 kilograms. Its frame consists of a butted top tube and bottom tube, mounts for fenders and a water bottle and a wide tire clearance all wrapped in a high-ten urban design. The frame itself is made of high-ten steel. It is genuinely impressive how SE managed to keep the weight down.

The Tripel is great for riding around town. It feels light and fun and fast when you want it to be. The brakes calipers are strong and work well in just about any number of different weather conditions. As a result, the riding is fairly safe and maintaining it is not at all difficult. The Kenda tyres also contribute immensely to the overall comfort of the ride and traction on the road. All things considered it’s a great little bike for leisurely riding around town as it is for urban urgencies.


  • Stylish and elegant
  • Decent acceleration
  • Low maintenance


  • Not very practical with parking

The Verdict

It’s fairly usable everyday commuter that is also good for a little fun once in a while. We like it.