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SE Bronco Review

The SE Bronco is a cool little junior bike because it is dripping with technology from SE’s racing range. If you are a grown up and you have bought your child one of these, you should be scared. The SE Bronco is rife with naughty little details that make it great for causing mischief and going fast, really fast. In fact, it’s not just you. The whole neighborhood ought to watch out.

The frame set is made from aluminum alloy and the fork on front is made of steel. While it is designed to be used by a pre-teen adolescent, it is strong enough to support the weight of a burly full grown man and be ridden by him as well. The bike handles like a lightweight and copes well on surfaces both smooth and rough. The Bronco features a V-brake system on the rear wheel which is typically used in racing bikes. The single piece crank moves forwards as well as backwards. The ride quality is further enhanced by Kraton grips, a kickstand, chain guard, and an SE crossbar pad with a printed cover.

All things considered, this is a bike for an adventurous spirit really. It comes equipped with all the toys a mischievous little guy might need to hop on curbs and drive at alarming speeds that would have vehicles tooting and dogs barking and the neighbor kids racing. It is an ideal BMX starter for an able bodied and adventurous child.


  • Racing pedigree
  • Sturdy construction
  • Light handling
  • Good ride quality


  • Slightly heavy

The Verdict

The SE Bronco certainly has the tools to help your kid make a statement on the road. It promises all the excitement and the thrills you could ask for from a junior bike.