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Scott Silence is a decently priced e-bike series intended for urban commuters who are green conscious. These bikes come with powerful Brose motors that can reach max speeds of 25kmph. The bikes come with well-built alloy frames that are rigid and stable. Overall, an excellent series for green riders.

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Scott Silence 10 2018
Scott Silence 10 2018
$1,399 $1,417

Scott Silence Review

Scott Silence is an electric bike model series. So, it’s not the typical bike. The Silence series features a number of commuter bikes with electronic pedal assistance. This is ideal for commuters because the electronic features make pedaling less strenuous, so you won’t show up at work each morning covered in sweat. The silence in the title refers to quiet motors. Some e-bikes could generate noise. We reviewed several Silence bikes to find out how each performed.

The bikes in the model come with 6061 aluminum frames. You can choose the frame size from small to XL. For e-bikes, this model sports a number of interesting features. The motors of the bikes are Brose, and it is integrated with the battery for smooth performance. Overall, we found it really easy to navigate and pedal. The bikes provide good mounting points because the rear carrier rack wraps around the fenders. The frames are really rigid and provide excellent stability.

The bikes we tested came with 700c wheels and 50c Schwalbe tires. These components are really decent. The Brose motors could reach a max speed of 25km/h with auto off for higher speeds. These speeds are really impressive, and can match cars in traffic. We found the pedaling to be really friction free too. We have to say that these bikes are not much good for anything other than city commuting.

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  • Rigid alloy frames
  • Powerful motors
  • Friction free pedaling
  • Decent max speed limit
  • Smooth and silent performance

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  • Not good for anything other than pedaling


The Verdict

Scott Silence e-bikes are perfect for commuting in cities without contributing to carbon emissions. The bikes are decently speedy, and can outpace cars during rush hour traffic. The assisted pedaling is friction free, and the alloy frames of the bikes are very convenient. Overall, we highly recommend this e-bike model to commuters.

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