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The Merida Matts series has a huge variety of mountain bikes to choose from, ranging from the basic at a couple of hundred dollars, to the enthusiast’s carbon frame bike with quality parts for a few thousand dollars! The bikes do leave a little to be desired overall, but also offer some nice specs and great riding.

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Kinderrad Merida Matts J16 2018
Kinderrad Merida Matts J16 2018
$259 $255
Kinderrad Merida Matts J20 Race 2019
Kinderrad Merida Matts J20 Race 2019
$329 $333
Kinderrad Merida Matts J20 2019
Kinderrad Merida Matts J20 2019
$349 $351
Jugendrad Merida Matts J24 Race 2019
Jugendrad Merida Matts J24 Race 2019
$359 $356
Jugendrad Merida Matts J24 2019
Jugendrad Merida Matts J24 2019
$379 $356
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Merida Matts Review

Merida Bikes has been a big player in the cycle manufacturing industry for over four decades now, and has some pro tour teams in action. Having been sponsors for some major mountain cyclists across the world, this company has some high quality products to contend with. This is one of the reasons we were excited about getting to review some of the Matts models, all of which are designed for cross country riding.

We took these bikes up across the toughest trails we knew to test them out. We knew that the mostly aluminum frames were all lightweight, most being around 11 or 12 kg or 24-26 lb. They certainly felt incredibly light on the trails, and most handled those rougher areas pretty well. The 26er wheelsets, however, made for a slightly bumpy ride over the worst patches, but did provide some great acceleration.

These bikes have some comfortable and soft finishing kits, with a great saddle for longer rides and rougher trails. They have excellent stopping power as well, and some great Shimano componentry. We weren’t too pleased with the Tourney groupset on the basic models, but they Shimano SLX on the midrange and the Shimano Deore XTs on the more advanced models were pleasing for the price.

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  • Light weight
  • Good acceleration and speeds
  • Light, stiff, and agile
  • Great stopping power
  • Great componentry for the price
  • Great for cross country and trail

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  • Tourney groupsets on basic models
  • Slightly on the bumpy side with extreme trails


The Verdict

A superb choice overall for new riders, but an even better choice of enthusiast models for those looking to compete.

The Merida Matts series does have some great cross country and trail models ranging from low to hefty price tags. Aside from models like the Matts 10, this range has some real tough and solid bikes for their class. We definitely recommend these hardtails for serious riders.

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