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Marin Bobcat Trail Review

Marin Bobcat Trail model features a number of hardtail mountain bikes sold at budget prices. There are several ideal 29ers under this model, like 9.3 and XC. The biggest selling point of these bikes is that they are affordable. But our review found that the model offers good rides despite the low price point.

We tool several of these bikes on some of our favorite challenging trails for this review. We have to say that these bikes are not at all lightweight. One can weigh as much as 14.7 kilos, so they are indeed heavy. Most mountain bikers don’t like heavy bikes for obvious reasons. We thought this bike would be a nightmare on steep climbs. However, Marlin is using longer chainstays on these bikes, so the rider’s weight is put on the front end. Thanks to this design, the bike is actually light for going uphill.

The weight is also mitigated by the contact point. For heavy bikes, Bobcat Trails feel surprisingly good. That because the contact points are really well constructed. The bars and the saddles are all very comfortable. The seatposts are slender, so there’s more flex overall. But the frames were not as long as we had hoped. The top tubes can be a bit too short, while the stems are heavy.


  • Affordable
  • Good contact points
  • Comfortable saddle


  • Heavy
  • Short top tube
  • Stem too long

The Verdict

Marlin Bobcat Trail bikes are hardtail 29ers that are on the heavy side. Some may be put off by that. But these bikes are also really affordable and offer good contact points. This model is easier to ride than what most cyclists think. If you don’t mind the heaviness, this could be a potentially great mountain bike model.