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Kinesis Racelight Review

Kinesis Racelight is a brand we are all quite aware of. Several members who participated in this review had owned a Kinesis Racelight bike at some point. So, doing this review was kind of like taking a trip down the memory lane.

Most people are familiar with the Kinesis Racelight T2. It came out several years ago and immediately became a classic. The bikes in this model are particularly beloved by home-to-work commuters. As wel rode on these bikes in the city, it was easy to understand why.

This bike model can easily be described as lightweight. It is designed that way to allow even the least experienced user to navigate easily. Control and comfort are the hallmarks of this model. The double butted tubing and saddles that are “anti-roadshock” offer better comfort than most other kinds of commuter bikes. The carbon eyeleted fork is training tuned. That means you can easily use this model to train without worries.

Riding on city streets are a piece of cake thanks to the saddle that keeps vibrations in check. The tires are up 28c are suitable only for paved roads. That’s the biggest caveat with this bike. One can’t go on weekend cycling trips on dirt roads with this model.

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  • Perfect for urban commuting
  • Lightweight
  • Training supported
  • Anti-roadshock saddle

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  • Navigates smoothly only on smooth roads
  • Not suitable for rough roads


The Verdict

If you are looking for a bike to ride to work every day, or to get to classes on campus, choose a Kinesis Racelight bike.

The model is highly affordable and also perfect for casual cyclist needs. Commuters can navigation nimbly and also feel comfortable in the anti-vibration saddle. Just be careful to avoid pebbles and stones on the path.

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