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Haibike Challenge Review

Haibike has been in the business for the last 20 years, so we certainly expected some good performance and specs from the Haibike Challenge series. In terms of performance, the Challenge bikes we tested out served up some pretty smooth rides. These bikes are quite responsive on the road, and manage bumpier rides without too much trouble.

The Shimano Tiagra and Ultegra shifters and derailleurs are great componentry on these models, but as some of our reviewers noted, you can get better componentry at this price range. You can get some decent speeds as well, but the unconfident subpar brakes negate this somewhat.

Climbs on these bikes are mostly light, and the stem is quite stiff to make for some satisfactory riding. The only real issue here is that we would have expected all this from a range of a somewhat lower price. Other than this, these bikes perform well enough for practicing, for a bit of urban riding, or just for group and family rides.

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  • Mostly smoothriding
  • Responsive
  • Tiagra and Ultegra drivetrains
  • Lightweight
  • Good for practice rides, commuting, and leisure

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  • Better componentry available on other bikes in this price range
  • Sloppy brakes


The Verdict

An average bike at midrange prices, with lightweight frames and mostly easy riding, but may be best left to commuting and leisurely rides than competition.

The Haibike Challenge bikes are responsive and encouraging, but they don’t exactly strike us as winners, especially with the fact that at these prices, there should be better componentry. If you like these designs and the specs, then these are pretty functional and useful bikes to go for.

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