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GT Verb Review

GT Verb is one of the recent trail bike models from the super brand. These bikes are surprisingly affordable considering the expensive brand. Most feature wheels 27.5 inches or bigger. Other than the price, we were impressed by the very modern frame geometry GT is using for these bikes. We took several out on a road trip to see whether these bikes are just as good as our other favorite GT models.

These trails bikes have a very unique suspension system that provided great traction on our rides. The frames tend to be long, but the stem balance is short. Overall, cycling was stable, and steady. Good traction meant we could handle different types of terrain easily (for trail bikes anyway). Also, the bikes come with very reliable and powerful Shimano disc brakes. If you want to come to a rapid halting stop, these brakes would do it.

Our reviewers also liked how well these bikes pedaled. The drive trains on these bikes are independent, so they pedal really well. Most drive trains also came with a wide range of gears, so the rider can handle many types of terrain. These bikes are easy to ride regardless of the cyclist’s fitness level. Whether you are a pro or just a beginner, Verb bikes can accommodate skill levels well.

On the other hand, the frames were rather heavy for trail bikes, which we didn’t like very much.


  • Great brakes
  • Unique suspension systems
  • Independent drive trains that enable riding on numerous terrain


  • Heavy

The Verdict

Like most GT bikes, GT Verb will not disappoint dedicated trail riders. These bikes are notable for unique suspension systems, reliable brakes, and independent drive trains that facilitate riding in many different types of trails. We would say this model is as impressive as the brand name promises.