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If you like the thrill of going downhill as fast as possible, then the GT Sanction is the bike for you. This bike will handle everything that you put it through and just ask for more. It has been designed and built well, making it an absolute workhorse.

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GT Sanction Elite 2019
GT Sanction Elite 2019
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GT Sanction Expert 2019

GT Sanction Review

The GT Sanction is completely without airs and frills. This bike is just an absolute performance machine for start to finish. The frame is proof of that, made from a hardy 6069-T6 Alloy frame. The only downside is that along with all of that durability, the Sanction drags over some weight as well.

As with all enduro bikes, we was just itching to see what the Sanction could do. So, without waiting any longer we headed out to the trails. As expected, the weight did work against us in the beginning. The acceleration was stodgy and climbing up the slopes required quite a bit of effort.

All of these complaints disappeared when we got to head downhill. This is where the Sanction comes into its own and is an absolute dream. The bike raced down at a speed we didn’t think it could manage. Not only was the Sanction fast, it was also able to handle rocks, sticks, and roots without a problem. Even careening down an uneven slope filled with obstacles, the Sanction didn’t slow down at all.

This frame made us feel that the Sanction could do anything. Even after putting it through its paces, there was not a scratch on the bike. It almost makes up for the extra weight that you have to carry around. This is definitely a bike that lives up to its enduro title.

The bike is easy to maneuver and handling it was quite simple as well. This is maintained even when you hit up those steeper slopes. This is a proper downhill bike with even the suspension geared towards riding down a hill instead of up one.

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  • Excellent downhill experience
  • Tackles rough terrain well
  • Good handling

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  • Weight


The Verdict

The GT Sanction may be not the best enduro bike around. However, it is a lot of fun to ride and is certainly a bike that can tame the toughest of trails.

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