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GT BK Review

GT BK is one of the super brand’s many additions to the BMX bike scene. We love GT mountain bikes and trail bikes, but we were a bit skeptical when it came to GT’s BMX line. In the past 4 years, GT has really been doing a major comeback with new products. BK is not a new line, but you can find very new bikes under this model. We reviewed these bikes to see if our skepticism was justified. While there are several well known BMX bike models out there, we have to say GT has definitely upped their game with BK bikes.

First of all, we were really impressed by how beautiful the BK bikes looked. The bikes come with branded Cromoly frame made from a combination of alloy and steel. The alloy keeps the frames lightweight while the steel adds rigidity. The frames are issued with a stunning shiny watermelon red exterior. The components are color coordinated so we can confidently say that BK is one of the most visually pleasing bike models we have ever seen.

These bikes are designed to pay homage to Brian Kachinsky’s vision, according to GT. And we could really spot his influence in the geometry of the bike. These BMX bikes heavily favor freestylers. The bikes have really big platform pedals, 36-hole rims that are bombproof, and Odyssey Springfield brakes that freestylers will really love. This model is just perfect for executing precisely controlled tricks.

Two bikes in this model also enable left hand drive if needed. We really like this model, though we thought it could be a bit more durable.


  • Freestyler friendly
  • All Cromoly frame
  • Excellent geometry
  • Beautiful exterior


  • Could be more durable

The Verdict

GT BK is one of the best BMX bikes we have ever tested. These bikes are made for freestylers, and have eye-catching exteriors. If you are left handed, we highly recommended the lefty friendly bikes under this model. Overall, we found these bikes to be of excellent quality well worth the money.