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Fuji Sanibel Review

Fuji offers a delightfully simple cruising bicycle for both sexes with the Sanibel. It has an extremely versatile design, able to negotiate many urban environments and look good at the same time. The retro styling which Fuji does so well is clear from the onset. So is the construction. The Sanibel is made primarily of steel. The drivetrain is single-speed making the peddling easy.

The riding position is designed for comfort. The geometry is laid back, the plush saddle sits on a spring and the handle bars are set wide. The seating position is upright. The Sanibel is a great urban bike for this very reason. It offers up a comfortable ride, which makes it perfect for going for longer, commute journeys.

It is adept at dealing with a bumpy road thanks to its fat tires. While it is not ideal on rougher terrain, it can handle minor potholes just fine. The tires also cut down on rolling resistance a great deal while making the bike a lot more stable.

The Sanibel also comes with a kickstand equipped as standard. The brakes are highly effective in pretty much any conditions the weather will throw at them. They also make the bike that much safer to ride around cities.

The Sanibel is pretty little thing but that doesn’t mean that it is all form. This is certainly a bike that can handle daily rides in most weather conditions. While it is not the fastest bike around, the low weight helps to accelerate more easily and reduce drag.


  • Easy to ride
  • Comfortable
  • Good braking
  • Simply engineered


  • Not particularly fast

The Verdict

It’s an excellent turn-up from Fuji upholding the build quality of the brand is bound to satisfy its owners. The Fuji Sanibel may not be the best urban bike around but its aesthetic appeal and stability make it a good choice.