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Diamondback El Oso Review

Diamondback El Oso is a monstrous fat bike series from the brand. With El Oso, Diamondback really pushes the envelope when it comes to fat bikes. There are both steel and alloy bikes under this model. The tire sizes differ with the bike type you buy. However, all three bikes under this model can support a tire as much as 5 inches wide. We reviewed all three El Oso bikes to see if we would like these super fat bikes better than the rest.

The flagship bike under this model is Oso de Acero, which sports an aluminum frame. This bike comes with huge Kenda Juggernaut 26 x 4.5 inch tiers that have 95mm rims and 55mm cutouts. Other specs include a 100mm Bluto solo air suspension fork, Shimano Deore SLX drivetrain, and a Raceface Ride crankset. These specs are respectable, and the best price for this model doesn’t go over $2,500. This bike is lightweight with the advantage of having fat tires, so it offers excellent traction on race roads.

The biggest tires of this model belong to the El Oso Grande, which come with 26 x 4.9 inch tires. The fork on this model is more rigid. Some components have been downgraded (such as an SRAM X5 drivetrain rather than Shimano) keeping the overall price below $2,000. The El Oso Acero has a steel frame and narrower 26 x 4.0 inch tires. This bike is also the cheapest under this model with a price under $1,000.

The advantage of these bikes is that the fat tires give the rider an advantage on tough terrain. We rode on sand and snow and the bikes were stable throughout. These bikes are great for gaining traction on impossible trails, but are not much for speed or maneuverability.


  • Super fat tires for superior traction
  • Affordable considering the specs


  • Not good for speeding
  • Low responsiveness

The Verdict

Diamondback El Oso is a bike model that can be intimidating to some because of the humongously fat tires. These bikes are made to make riding possible on unrideable trails. You will be able to tackle a wide variety of terrain without having to worry about the bike going off trail.