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The lightweight Dawes Discovery hybrid bikes may leave something to be desired, but if you need a cheap commuter, these bikes are not too shabby. The Discovery bikes are definitely comfortable ride, but are nothing impressive. If you have basic needs, you can be sure these bikes will serve you well.

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Dawes Discovery Trail 2019 Ex-Demo
Dawes Discovery Trail 2019 Ex-Demo
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Dawes Discovery Review

Since as far back as the 20s, Dawes has had some great cycles hitting the streets. In fact, it was one of the pioneers in single speed mountain bikes too. The Dawes Discovery commuters are designed to be all-rounders, but they don’t exactly live up to the expectations.

While the overall handling isn’t too bad, and the aluminum and carbon frames are comfortable to ride, the steel steerer tubes take away from the better materials. These are not the most aerodynamic bikes. They are comfy though, with ergonomic grips and well cushioned seats for longer rides. If you are not really looking for speeds, you won’t have much trouble with these bikes.

The basic and entry level Shimano componentry does all right but fails to impress for a hybrid. These bikes may be ideal for urban riding and recreation, even at the top of the line.


  • Lightweight
  • Decent specs at this range
  • Comfortable finishing kit
  • Well suited for urban riding and leisure


  • Not as versatile as it’s meant to be for a hybrid
  • Less than stellar componentry for its class

The Verdict

Perhaps not the best choice for a hybrid, but will do the trick for occasional riders and commuters.

We weren’t big fans of the Dawes Discovery bikes, especially considering this company has put out many more impressive budget hybrids. For the most part, however, these bike get the job done for hitting the road.

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