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Colnago AC-R Review

The Colnago AC-R was a beautiful bike when we saw it. A “vision in white”, as described by some people; we saw exactly what they meant when we took a look at it for the first time.

However, we did feel like the Colnago branding was a bit too prominent on the bike, with lettering everywhere to remind you that you’re riding one of their own. The frame is a carbon fiber set that is defined as being entry-level, although we felt that it was anything but.

The bike was incredibly stiff, making it perfect for racing and climbing. We did notice that it didn’t do so well on roads that had even minor bumps on them. This was a little disappointing, as it meant that we couldn’t ride it on anything other than a really great road!

However, the stiffness is paired up with an incredibly quiet ride too, with zero rattling on the cables, which we noticed were drawn through the tubes. In our opinion, the bike’s quietness was also owed to the Shimano 105 drivetrain, which was 11 speed and incredibly smooth.

Our complaints aren’t many, and include the bike’s weight, which is a little much, along with the Colnago brakes that replaced the 105 brakes we expected.

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  • Beautiful on the outside
  • Great drivetrain
  • Stiff frame
  • Smooth ride overall
  • Carbon fiber frame

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  • A little overweight
  • Not great on bumps


The Verdict

This beautiful bike exists to please before it is even ridden, and it does this job very well indeed, turning every biking trip into a joy.

Of course, the heaviness and the lack of decent suspension lead to a severe need for better roads, but the Colnago AC-R was definitely one of the better bikes we have ever reviewed!

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