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Cinelli Bootleg Review

The Cinelli Bootleg Hobo is just one of the different models of the Bootleg out there. The bike is built for touring, which means that we expect it to have a decent amount of weight on it, but not too much.

While it was on the heavy side, the Bootleg tends to be a little too heavy, weighing in at over 17kg. We did, however, notice that the bike was one thing above all else – comfortable.

This was a bike designed purely to make you feel like you’re riding a cloud on a stairway to heaven, and it worked exceptionally well at making us feel like this. Even better – the machine is one of the most durable with Vittoria Randonneur Trail tires, cantilever brakes and shifters at the end of the bars.

The shifters have the unique ability to be switched to a friction mode, so that they shift based on how much effort is being put into the pedals at any time. We really did love the Cinelli Bootleg, and would take it out for a spin any day.

[su_row][su_column size=”1/2″]


  • Comfortable beyond belief
  • Durable tires
  • Great components

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  • A little too heavy at times


The Verdict

This touring bike is made for the long haul, and while it does have some quirks, it can be a pretty amazing ride overall, especially in terms of comfort.

We realized early on that the Cinelli Bootleg placed a lot more focus on being comfortable as opposed to being powerful or fast. We didn’t really have a problem with this, especially since it was incredibly comfortable!

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