Cannondale Fat Caad

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Cannondale Fat Caad Review

Cannondale Fat Caad is one of the most popular fat bike models on the market, which is rather beloved by the brand’s fans. As far as fat bikes go, this is one of the best priced models too. We took these renowned fat bikes for a spin and were rather impressed by the result. Our review found that this model is more than just talk. Notably, these bikes sport Cannondale’s signature one-legged Lefty fork design. Certain bikes under the model have air spring offerings too. The biggest design choice us the custom-made crown that goes with the Lefty, which is what enabled the bike to have faty 4 inch tires. The offset figure on these bikes is 60mm, which is another rather notable design choice.

The tires were marvelous. Fat bikes do get a bad reputation for being not as agile as road bikes. Cannondale has tried to fix this problem by pairing the fork with a higher than usual offset. So the frame has a slack head angle. The trail figure is lower because of the really high offset, which makes the bikes more responsive and agile. It’s not still as agile as desired, but these bikes were more agile than expected.

Our testing showed that these fat bikes can handle high and low speeds relatively well. It’s important to note that these bikes sport premium quality alloy frames as well, which makes riding easy in windy conditions. These bikes also have the lowest Q-factor for any fat bike we have seen so far. That’s important for knee health. Overall we found these bikes really easy to ride and really impressive for fat bikes.


  • Agile for fat bikes
  • Excellent geometry
  • Low Q-factor
  • Premium alloy frame


  • High offset

The Verdict

Cannondale Fat Caad is unique among fat bikes. The brand has gone to unusual lengths to ensure that these fat bikes are actually agile. These bikes sport premium alloy frames and unique designs that support wider than usual wheels as well as high responsiveness. If you are into the fat bike fad, these bikes will definitely suit your needs.