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Cannondale Contro Review

Cannondale Contro model has stylish bikes designed for high-performance urban commuters. These bikes come with a number of accessories, like kickstand, fenders, and built-in racks that urban commuters will love. Of course, what really matters is whether these bikes can handle the tough roads on modern cities. We took several Contro bikes for a spin on busy city streets to find out.

The bikes stood out immediately because of the rigid fork. Like all Cannondale bikes, the Contro sports a Lefty suspension fork. It’s similar to what you find on mountain bikes. The advantage on city streets is that this design makes the bike more responsive. It’s very agile so we found the Contro bikes super easy to maneuver though city traffic. The bikes also come with top-notch hydraulic disc brakes, which can stop quickly if the need arises. If you have ever cycled in traffic, you would know that the need for a quick stop arises all too often.

The bike model is very useful. You can add panniers to carry your stuff as you ride. We also really liked the branded pedals these bikes came with. They are not annoying and will not get entangled with footwear like sneakers. The pedals were very sneaker friendly in fact. We found riding to be very comfortable as well. The Contro 3 comes with a really comfortable saddle. The bikes also have wide flat bars that offer excellent grip. However, the bars taper out, which makes holding things like headlights tricky. These bikes work well with the accessories provided, but it’s hard to fit anything else.

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  • Rigid forks
  • Great quickie breaks suitable for city cycling
  • Agile
  • Responsive
  • Comes with accessories
  • Comfortable pedals

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  • Handlebars don’t hold headlights well
  • Hard to accessorize with non branded products


The Verdict

Cannondale Contro bikes are highly suitable for urban commuters who want to navigate traffic smoothly and comfortably. Top features of these bikes include comfortable saddles, great pedals, and high responsiveness. Also, these bikes come with brakes that can halt the bike instantly. Urban commuters will surely love this.