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Breezer Repack Review

The Breezer Repack has an aluminum frame that we immediately noticed, owing to the very unique appearance of the frame.

The tubes had yellow detail on them, which led to the frame looking a lot slimmer and aerodynamic than it actually is. However, the bike is actually as rugged as they come. From the height of the seat post to the low down tube that provides a ton of clearance for the unmentionables, this is a bike that is built for going off-road.

There were some pretty noticeable issues with the design of the bike, including the lack of a mount for a water bottle (who goes biking off-road without a water supply?) in the forward triangle of the frame. We noticed that the Repack had a front fork clearance of about 160mm, which was amazing for avoiding clogging in muddier terrains.

In addition to this, potholes weren’t an issue at all with the proprietary MLink suspension system – a four bar dual link suspension layout.

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  • Slim, beautiful frame
  • Incredibly rugged design
  • Great fork clearance
  • Made for harsh terrain
  • Great suspension

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  • No front triangle water bottle mount


The Verdict

A gorgeously designed mountain bike/trail bike cross that employs a sweet design, even sweeter components, and the ability to make a rider very happy indeed.

Overall, we really enjoyed our review of the Breezer Repack. It is one of those bikes that just stays with you no matter what. From the great components such as the high clearance fork and the great suspension to the rugged design of the bike, this is one for the history books.

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