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Breezer Greenway Review

The Breezer Greenway is marketed as a transportation bike. It has been designed to be the kind of bike that you use day in and day out on a variety of terrains. This is one of the first things we did was give the bike a quick onceover. To its credit, the Greenway is a great commuter bike. It comes equipped with a kickstand, lights, and even a rack. This makes it perfectly suited for hauling around every day.

Now that we had established that it fitted all of our daily needs, it was time to give the Greenway a whirl. One of the highlights of this bike is that it is quite light. As such, we did not have to put in a great deal of effort into getting from one place to another. Also, it really was a comfortable ride. The whole structure of the Breezer Greenway is about helping you maintain a proper posture. Even after a couple of hours of riding around on this bike, we didn’t feel any discomfort.

The other feature worth noting was the speed. While this was no race bike, the weight really helped to get it going. You may not be able to zip around but you certainly will not be getting late to work. The Greenway is not really built to ride up steep inclines but we still needed to put it through its paces. Therefore, we decided to head to different tracks that may be ridden over during the course of a day. The Greenway held up well, still allowing for optimum comfort and controlled steering.


  • Lightweight
  • Good handling
  • Appropriate accessories
  • Works well on different tracks
  • Comfortable ride


  • Can be a bit expensive when compared to some other road bikes
  • Non-distinctive appearance

The Verdict

The Breezer Greenway is a great bike that performs quite well. It is ideal for riding every day, for long distances.

While the Breezer Greenway may not be the most budget option, it certainly does offer up a great deal of value. This is a good, solid road bike.

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