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3T Discus Review

There are two main categories for the 3T Dicus – these are the 3T Discus C35 Team and C35 Pro. The Pro is more an entry-level clincher wheelset while the C35 can be aptly described as mid-range. One of the main differences between these two models is the fact that the Pro is composed of alloy while the Team boasts a carbon structure. This undoubtedly gives the Team an edge in terms of speed as it is lighter. They both have a 25mm rim width, which is ideal for most modern bikes these days. It is particularly useful as most riders these days are preferring to ride wider wheels. This also allows for wider contact surface. At the same time, it does greatly reduce the rolling resistance of the wheelset as well.

Perhaps one of the standout features of both these wheelsets is that they are quite durable. They have definitely been made to head over rougher terrain and certainly do not disappoint in this regard. Therefore, they will prove to be particularly handy for the more adventurous biker.

That being said, there are a few things to complain about this range. First is that there is no tubeless option. Now, this is not really a major concern but it does shave off a few points as this is what most modern riders prefer. Then, there is the price. The C35 Pro is a great deal more affordable than the C35 Team but does come to its share of setbacks. While the Team does fare better, riders may consider other options when faced with this price tag.


  • Great for beginners and more experienced riders
  • Handles well on tough terrain
  • Offers great resistance


  • Pro is quite expensive
  • No tubeless option

The Verdict

The 3T Discus falls squarely in the middle in terms of structure and performance – not extraordinary but certainly not terrible.

There is nothing inherently wrong with the 3T Discus so you will most likely be perfectly content with what it offers.