Content manager on Icebike

Content Manager on IceBike

Hi! Nice to meet you.

My name is Tue Lindblad and I’m the owner of Icebike.

I live in Denmark (Copenhagen) and love everything about cycling (road bike, MTB, touring .. and i love running!) Beside from staying active I’m a huge family guy (2 kids and a wife) and I also really enjoy chess ☺️

Anyway, underneth you can find everything you need to know about how to manage Icebike.

One more thing – please do not share this page with anybody!

Video library:

All the videos are kind of short. Please view them all – and feel to re-visit them as often as you wish.

How to manage comments:

Each week please visit the comment section on the page and approve/trash new comments.

How to format a “review post” (and inset Amazon affiliate links):

So, this is a long video (30 min) but it shows you everything you need to know regarding formation the post using WP-bakery.

Please check out the test post, which is formated correct: (please note that this test post can only be viewed when you are logged into

How to format a normal blogpost (not a review post):

A short video about how to handle a normal blogpost with no Amazon or affiliate products. An example could be “28 ways cycling could change your life”

How to find images to use on Icebike:

In this video you can see how to find images to use in blogposts etc.

Please keep in mind that I pay for each image, so be sure not to share this info with anyone and only to use the login working on Icebike.


User: [email protected]

Password: Google2019

SEO part 1: How to use Yoast SEO on IceBike

In this video I explain what you need to be aware off using the Yoast SEO plugin on

In this video I explain how you should link to external webpages and internally on (very important stuff!)

Check list: Important thing to “check” everytime you publish a post

This video takes you though important things that you need to “check” each time you publishing a blog post on