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The GT Ruckus bikes might be on the lower end of mountain bike ranges, with only very basic specs and componentry to speak of. But unless you’re in competition, these bikes will get the job done without too much trouble. Shimano and SRAM componentry make for desirable construction, but the heavy weight and so-so suspension on some of the models are hard to ignore.

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GT Ruckus DJ Zero Rootbeer 2016
GT Ruckus DJ Zero Rootbeer 2016

GT Ruckus Review

For a lower-end range of MTBs, the GT Ruckus bikes are not too shabby. If you want to make the best of the low price but get some good performance and better quality construction, however, you should stick to the top of the line bikes in this range. These bikes may be best for recreational use, rather than in competition.

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