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Are you looking for a bike with more than one trick up its sleeve? Then the Colnago CX Zero will definitely be a favorite. This bike has a full carbon frame and weighs about 8 kilos. The Colnago CX Zero is a higher priced bike.

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Bike Name Reseller Price
Colnago CX Zero 105 2016
Colnago CX Zero 105 2016
$2,550 $1,599
You save 37%
Open Box Colnago CX Zero Disc Ultegra
Open Box Colnago CX Zero Disc Ultegra
$4,200 $2,100
You save 50%
Open Box Colnago CX Zero Disc Ultegra
Open Box Colnago CX Zero Disc Ultegra
$4,900 $2,450
You save 50%
Colnago CX Zero Evo Dura Ace 2016
Colnago CX Zero Evo Dura Ace 2016
$5,500 $3,359
You save 39%
Colnago CX Zero Disc eTap Jenson
Colnago CX Zero Disc eTap Jenson
$6,499 $3,999
You save 38%

Colnago CX Zero Review

We knew we were in for treat form the moment that we saw the Colnago CX Zero. Its impressive ancestry, notwithstanding, it was clear that this bike had a lot to offer. For the price range, we certainly hoped that this was true.

For one, this bike seemed to be a mixed breed of sorts. It was balancing across the line between being an enduro bike and being a racer. This is what had us itching to try out this bike as soon as possible.

Simply straddling the bike was enough to alert us to the fact that this is a light bike. We were hopeful that this would get us the speed that we wanted. We were not wrong. Just a short way into our ride, we found ourselves surpassing the competition. While not a true blue racer, the CX Zero is not one to idle in the back either.

While it may have seemed like a lightweight, there was something definitely sturdy about this bike. This is what prompted us to hit up a couple of trails that were less refined. Here, too, the CX Zero proved to be quite durable and comfortable, helping us to skate over some of the trickier spots. The handling as well was quite impressive. We noticed this especially as we made some tight turns on the trail.

We had to say that this was certainly one of the more versatile bikes that we had ridden in a while. This bike was incredibly responsive and seemed undeterred by various conditions. Although it is pricey, it does seem to earn its high cost.

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  • Lightweight bike
  • Good handling
  • Comfortable
  • Suitable for a variety of terrain
  • Durable
  • Fast

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  • Expensive


The Verdict

The Colnago CX Zero fulfills and exceeds all of its expectations. This bike is the perfect companion for many different trails.

The Colnago CX Zero price tag can be somewhat of an intimidating factor. Once you look past it, however, you get to be the proud owner of a bike that really performs well and is worth every penny.

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