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The Cannondale Beast of the East is the perfect bike for riders who are looking for a little something extra from their hardtails. The frame is smartformed aluminum alloy and weighs a little over 13 kilos. This bike is on the higher end of the price spectrum.

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Cannondale Beast of East 2
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Cannondale Beast of the East Review

This is not Cannondale’s first crack at the Beast of the East. This hardtail was first introduced in the 90s. Its lifespan was not very long and was certainly uneventful. This was because the original design of the Beast of the East stirred up more questions than it answered. More than a decade later, it was time for round 2.

So without any preamble, we hopped onto the Beast of the East to see if there was a great deal of similarity with its predecessor. Thankfully, there really was not. One of the most important things that you will hear about this hardtail is that it is a fun bike to ride. This is both the short and long version of it. If you really like digging into trails, then the Beast of the East is definitely the answer.

First off, this bike is fast, even on trails that are determined to slow you down. In this way, it is great for an adrenaline rush. The other thing that we noticed about the Beast of the East was the traction. This hardtail holds on tight, even when you find yourself on less than forgiving terrain. Don’t be surprised to find yourself hanging onto a trail even after you have landed funny.

Another feature of note was the suspension. It offered an enticingly smooth ride. We found ourselves skating over even the hardest terrain. All in all, this hardtail was touted as being fun to ride and it performed as such. The Beast of the East is definitely something you will keep wanting to take out on the tougher trails.
A quick note when it comes to performance – to get the best possible experience, it is important to find the right tire pressure. This is key to letting the Beast be all that it can be.


  • Sturdy frame
  • Good handling
  • Excellent traction
  • Fun to ride


  • A little expensive

The Verdict

The Cannondale Beast of the East makes a great companion when hitting up those rough trails and offers an exhilarating experience.

The Cannondale Beast is something that is worth springing for if you want a hardtail experience unlike what you have had before.

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